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Paris Peace Conference

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Jennifer Jenkins

The End of the War 1918 and the Paris Peace Conference 1919 Left at the end of the summer of 1917 provisional govt being attacked by the left and right more people are choosing the radical optionLenin Meanwhile in the country side the social revolution in the rural area had began at this point where peasants had seize landholder states By Aug 31 Bolsheviks now hold the majority in the Petrograd SovietI The Bolshevik Seizure of Power Oct 25 1917 Elections to the Constituent Assembly y Lenin now think it is the time for the revolutiony Lenin first in Sept goes to the committee tried to convinced them that this is the time for revolution After long hours of arguments they agreedy In the Petrograd Soviet a military revolutionary committee was formed under Trotsky who was elected as the chairman of Petrograd soviet y Lenins private army the Red Guards were armed They declared themselves royal to the revolutionary committeethy Oct 24 1917 insurrection began y The Bolshevik took control y Oct 25 they tool control of the provincial government The Bolshevik arrested the authority of the provincial government and announced that Bolshevik rule Russiay The Dual power is over the Bolshevik is now the govt y The initial seizure of power was a small amount of blood but a great deal of chaos But still didnt know what this would mean still in a chaotic situation The Bolshevik remove Russia from the war make a separate peace with Germany y Once political power has been seized at the top in Russia Lenins revolution aimed for a radical transformation of the society for many the speed of the change was really breathtaking they feel they live in chaos y Closing down social newspaper that is not Bolsheviks arresting political parties instead of peace a bright world and liberty I see a world of violence y The difference between the seizure of power and how the power was consolidate after the seize
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