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Lec 2: Life cycles

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Nicholas Terpstra

HIS243 H – Lec. 2  Social Structures in Early Modern Europe (Cont’d)  Architectural profiles for cities – thought them out around towers  City is a symbol, there is a strong civil patriotism and also religious patriotism – you feel strongly about your city because you feel God feels strongly about it  Cities were also centralized around churches and shrines  These shrines were often of city walls and had miracles and legends surrounding them  Cities were also divided politically into quarters, sixths, etc. There is a patriotism to these as well  Cities would be fractioned and families would try to control these fractions  Early modern cities didn’t have areas devoted to a particular trade, so there is a mishmash of sorts  If you want to succeed in urban politics, you must first win over a neighbourhood  Centres of cities have everything: civic centre, legal centre, etc.  The city centre is considered neutral space  If someone is trying to cease power, the have to control the city square  There is a two way dynami
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