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Lec 3: Life and Marriage

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Nicholas Terpstra

HIS243 H – Lec. 3  Life cycles  Most people die young  By age 15, most (50%) of children would be dead  20-30% die within 3 years  Died from gastro-intestinal diseases, complications in birthing process, etc.  1 in 5 women eventually die due to something related to childbirth  Middle to upper class children would go to a wet nurse o Wet nurses chosen to get upper class women back into fertility as soon as possible  Children at age 6 weren’t expected to do anything, but after age 6 they were apprenticed or sent to school  Further down the hierarchy, they worked rather than got an education  Middle class had a combination of education and work  Florence had a census in 1427 called the Catasto  42% (male) and 34% (female) of servants were children, from working and artisanal pools (service)  Apprenticeship – skilled craft that required some sort of training (baker, tailor, etc.) o Three levels o it:  Apprentice: 6-15  Journeyman: 15-20s  Master: mid 20s  Most wouldn’t get married until they became a master, sometimes that was a problem in parts because in certain parts of Europe, you weren’t considered a man until you were married  Some artisans (people in better off trades) were educated, and taught reading and writing, commercial arithmetic, and sometimes language.  There was a fairly high system of education so people were quite literate  Higher status children were sent off
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