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Lec 4 - Humanism

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Nicholas Terpstra

HIS243 H – Lec. 4  One of the greatest innovations of the Renaissance is boarding school  Intellectual innovations, schools of thought, ways of thinking: Humanism  Renaissance humanism: a lot of what we define in the Renaissance comes from the th th 19 century, but many believe it to be the 20 century  Jacob Burckhardt – humanism means liberalism from religion and movement towards independence (1860)  Paul Oscar Kristeller redefined this idea in the 1940s-1950s  Writers like him emerge out of the ethos that comes to be in Germany  He says it is not about philosophy but about human studies – about disciplines that we study, e.g., literature, philosophy, history (politics = law), rhetoric, and languages (Latin, Greek, Hebrew)  Literature is mainly poetry; philosophy is moral philosophy  Classic texts (Cicero, Livy, Homer), Bible  The people in the Renaissance wanted a revival of classic traditions and wanted to study tem  They felt kinship and continuity with the past  They felt that they had lost a lot of what was good – there were answers that existed that people of the past had known – they felt hat to move forward, they had to recover the wisdom of the past  Humanist values o Emphasis on human dignity o Man’s privilege place in the universe o Humans collectively have value, and this world is something to enjoy because God must have built everything good along with the world  Chain of Being: God > Angels > Anim
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