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Social Structure in Europe

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Nicholas Terpstra

Early Modern Europe Sept 21st 2010 Social Structure in Early Modern Europe 2. Urban Life: City + Neighborhood Bologna; early modern people had a number of towers spaced within their city, which became the symbol for their city - composed of church towers and family towers from the middle ages which established the pride, location, and defense of a family symbolic and protective) ^- when cities start changing their methods and try to curb the power of individual families, they often forced families to cut towers down, or did it for them - campanilismo - tower pride Sienna - competition between state and church reflected in each building large towers Hantwerpen (Antwerp) - large cathedral tower, extreme point of city pride. Note, where their towers were most often associate with churches, ours are now associated with banks. Divine Comedy - Sienna made me - reflects association that your city determines all sorts of factors in your life, and your person, creating huge attachment to their cities. most of Europe is rural, forest, with cities like beacons within. often cities games, and shared foods, community. People would decorate maps of their cities on their wall - mapmaking of cities becoming extremely popular. Also, where we now have cities divides into zones, early modern cities were more mish mash (aside from a market and city squa
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