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Humanists - Male & Female

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Nicholas Terpstra

Early Modern Europe October 5th - Class next Thursday is cancelled. (Oct. 14th - tutorial still on) 2) Humanists - Male & Female Humanists in Society word humanista designation for people who studied humanism, as well as people who taught the humanities, and also those who practice the related works. For example, civil servantssecretaries, lawyers, doctors - people who has to work directly with Roman examples, had access to manuscripts, higher degree of training and education. Humanistic studies began first with lawyers, who had to go back and study Roman law (to determine how to shape new laws for the new Roman societies) which lead to other Roman literature (such as poetry) and then finally to things like history and philosophy. Wealthy freelancers; people who do not have to necccesarily work for a living, and have money to go around and buytranslate manuscripts. Humanists never only one just thing, the term does not reflect a single interest and is not solely job related, it is a hobbyinterestadvocation. Poggio Bracciolini (1380 - 1459) From Florence, and is a student in an informal study group while young, whose leader is the Chancellor of Florence (Coluccio Salutati) who believed in the humanities. He gathered some of the bright you
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