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Stages of Medici Control

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Nicholas Terpstra

Early Modern Europe Tues. Oct 26th 2010 Lecture: Durgers Touch - Tactility + The Physical Process of Painting vic 215 @ 5, Wednesday Stages of Medici Control - Republic & Duchy Lorenzo Medici Left off at Pazzi conspiracy last week, attempt on Lorenzos life, whose brother died during the attempt. Conspiracy comes from within the ruling faction. Lorenzos bold gamble when they survive the conspiracy, realizing he must get the king of Naples on his side, goes down to Naples (the king being the one behind the plot to kill him). Seen by people afterwards as an act of Virtue He needs to use Medici money, art of flattery, to try and win over King of Naples, who understands he is in a position of power and plays around with Lorenzo for a deal of time before agreeing to be on his side. He returns, and decides to begin ruling much more overtly like a prince - more suspicion, placing the family more to the center of the economic and social life in Florence. He is in the middle of doing away with the Republic itself when he dies. His son takes over, tu
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