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Holy? Roman? Empire?

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University of Toronto St. George
Nicholas Terpstra

Early Modern Europe Thurs. Oct. 28th Renaissance Politics 2. Empire 1. Holy? Roman? Empire? Highlights how far our expectations diverge from the reality of the time. Its an empire which goes through many evolutions over time, and the early modern period is a critical time because it has the opportunity to go in different direction, but ends up not doing so and more or less self destructs. Holy Roman Empire = Star Wars Episode 1 When early modern people thought of empires they had certain expectations for what an empire should be based on past examples such as Roman Empire, Alexanders Empire = i.e. a gathering of people which was a federations. Many people within the Holy Roman Empire related with their particular part of the federations - which means it was impossible to consider all of the factions. About 30 larger principalities, and about 100 counties (run by a Count), and about 50 ecclesiastical principalities where the Prince was a bishop, and a huge number of city- states, with about 2000 imperial knights. What they wanted was an empire that didnt work - their expectations were for a loose federation that
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