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Stages of Medici Control 1 of 2

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Nicholas Terpstra

Early Modern Europe Thurs Oct 21 Renaissance Politics City State - (to a Duchy) Florence Empire - Holy Roman Empire Nation State - France (Monarchy) Florence - City State 1) Background The location does not have any natural advantages (for example no wool, but by buying and selling wool create a great deal of wealth, which leads to a number of large banking families) Stability; have a strong currency, gold coin called the Florin which is used around Europe because its known to be reliable (where other governments will mix alloys in the gold of their coin, making them unreliable). Problems when developing their economy; international trading city, but not on a coastline and therefore overshadowed for a long time by these coastal cities (Genoa, Naples, etc.). This is not an issue til the 14 & 15 cent. til they decide they do need sea access, which leads to issue with a number of neighboring territories - esp. Pisa, Milan, Venice, and states of the Church (in the center of the Italian peninsula). Milan interested in expanding due to ambitions of Visconti family. Also, at this point we have a tussle between French and Spanish for control of Naples. This are the conditions, in which Florence needs to be aware of the area around it, while also wanting to expand and gain sea accent. The beginning of the 14th century sees many wars in the peninsula. Florences greatest ally was Venice, enemy was Milan. These wars tended to occur between hired mercenaries. War is very expensive. Great deal of tension in Florence because of this, new tax system (tax census). From 1420s to 1430s Florentine politics begin to separate between two large groups. Medici & Albizzi family. They were fighting over power,
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