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European Expansion Overseas

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Nicholas Terpstra

Early Modern Europe Thurs Dec. 2nd European Expansion Overseas 1) Maps & Worldview horizons of experience and expectations ; can see how they looked at the world by looking at their maps. Hereford Mappamundi c.1285 map of the world, view of the world in the middle ages, map with Jerusalem in the center of the world. A map that isnt just about plotting geographical place, but to some extent a moral map. T & O map a stripped version the above, meant to orient you spiritually and lead you into heaven. Portolan; sailors map, a highly defined coastal sea map, developed in the 13th & 14th centuries. Focused on getting you to an actual physical location, vs. the above. Portolan used by Christopher Columbus, the outline of the coast of west Africa, made of names. Classical map; map done by Ptolemy, much more recognizable, shows latitude and longitude. Misses a few things that were unknown at the time, north American hemisphere, port of good hope (or cape of good hope?), as well as some disproportionate sizes. Another classical geographer called Strabo, who comes to the notion you can get around Africa, it does have a point in the south. Travel literature also influences peoples ideas of the world; such as those by Marco Polo or John Mandeville- describes the mythical kingdom of a Christia
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