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social structure

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Nicholas Terpstra

Social Structure in Early Modern Europe September-16-10 11:06 AM 1. Looking at cultural developments in Italy also economy in Florence and roman empire and nation state in France, then religious developments and also the north Atlantic economies 2. At the time Ottoman Empire has control over the Byzantine empire Social Structure in Early Modern Europe 1. Population and Settlement 1. There were progressive periods of expansion like in Italy that built set of walls in high middle ages in the 12 - 14 hundreds, o Ex area of Bolognia where thee was the old city in the middle with a square roman pattern then expand by the 14th century expands its walls around the old city o Florence is the same with walls built in 1173 - 75 then second walls built in 1284 - 1333 cities felt they had to do this for protection o Antwerp was somewhat different since it is a much later city and is in modern day Belgium, the old city was around the cathedral without walls and then by the 16th century they built their walls 2. Theses cities were tightly packed so that meant that they were not o
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