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Hold Roman Empire

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Nicholas Terpstra

HIS243 October 20Holy Roman Empire continued y Gradual merging together of different territories into the Hapsburgs personal holdingsy Must separate the Empire to the familys personal holdings y The encircle threaten much of Europe y Charles V 15191555 Emperorspends much of his time in way because much of the territories encircling him feel threatenedy People at the time thought that he was a threat so they responded to that threaty People feared him so they allied against him y France was the leading nation working against him y There was also an internal problem religiony Reformation starts to get going around 1517 starts to grow when he comes into powery Various states with HRE decide to get rid of RCC and establish their own Protestants y Catholics represents the old churchRomepope Protestants represent a series of newer churchesreject Romereject the pope y The Reformation as a battle between Catholics and Protestants y Many parts of GRE want to break away from the Catholic churchhe uses the Diet to try to stop them y He does this by declaring Luther an outlaw and everyone else who follows him as an outlaw as well y In 1530 the Diet tries to reinforce the bans on the groupprotests y Protestantsproteststhy Only at the end of the 16 century did the English begin to call themselves Protestants y Charles trying to push the Protestantscant push them much because some of the followers are dukes and princes wh
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