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Lecture 3

Lecture 3 - Life Cycle

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Nicholas Terpstra

HIS243Lecture 3SEPT222011Life CycleBirth Childhood and AdolescenceMost people die youngBy the age of 15 half the children born wouldve diedThe most vulnerable stage of a child is within the first several months of being born until about 23 years of ageThe renaissance generated many kids They die of diseases and 1 in 5 women die in childbirth relatedChildren weak and vulnerableMid to Upplerclass citizens babies nursed by wet nurses rather than their mothersThe higher up in society less likely for a mother to nurse their own kidAfter childbirth the mothers goal is usually to get pregnant again so they leave the nursing of their kids to wet nursesChildren up to 6 years old were deemed freespirited and carefree and after 6 educationapprenticeship beginsAt the age of 7 they join the family as a productive unitUsually a childs first job is as a servant or a general labourer1427 CatastoFlorenceTalks about family size wealth etc Indicates that almost halfare male servants and about a third were femaleservantsService for some women they earn money for dowry Apprenticeshipskilled craft ie baker tailor shoemaker roughly between the age of 6 to 15 yearsFollowing an apprenticeship is journeyman between the age of 15 and 20 and finally master status by mid20sMost men do
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