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Catholic Piety

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University of Toronto St. George
Nicholas Terpstra

Reformation Spiritual and Theological FrameworksIntellectual spiritual movement with deep political dimensionAlso an important theoretical intellectual side Late Medieval Popular PietyMost religions believe there is a rupture or break in relationship with God humans develop religious exercise and institutions to build a healthy relationship with GodHow do we heal the relationshipChristian narrative o God creates humans in a perfect setting Adam and Eve in EdenHow can things be perfect unless we can choose what is imperfect o Satan betrays God he is the enemy damned to hell his purpose is to make us disobey God tempts Eve to betray God and eat from the tree of knowledge and goodness o Sinmatter of disobedience disobedience and death are 2 flaws in Gods perfect worldo They are cast out of paradise God has set a penalty of death for disobedience but since not everyone can pay the penalty for all mankind he commits himself to pay off human sin o God comes to earth in the form of Jesus crucified and dies for human sin but is resurrected death is not the most powerful thing life after deathChurch emerges around this idea of fixing such a rupture Peter is appointe
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