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Reformation: Spiritual & Theological Frameworks

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University of Toronto St. George
Nicholas Terpstra

th Tues Nov 15 2011 Reformation SpiritualTheological Frameworks1 Late Medieval Popular Piety 2 Reformaiton spirituality radical simplication 3 Spreading the messagestarts quite a few things not everything reformation not just focused on LutherWittenburg remains for much of the rest of his life base small town Wartburg castle Acts as an advisor to local communities etc to see the spreading of reformation messageFaces immediate crises after this peasants war in 1525 uprising of peasants breaks out in GermanyLegacy of Lutherprotestant in generalunder idea of Radical SIMPLIFICATIONIn Catholicism wanted to purify and protect yourself through things like works of charity processions very directlydeliberately by indulgences in order to achieve your salvation etcThrough agencies of the church sending you into framework of church as an institutionOver time became quite a complex institution high level of demands radical simplicationtake away much of whats there1 Thought Through grace aloneRCgracespiritual works ie Prayer activities etco Undeserved o Egalitariandont need services of priest all have direct relation with god that Catholicism associates with priests Priesthood of all believers no superior more powerfulpure priesthood Faith Alone o Believe in jesus
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