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Oct 20th Lecture

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Nicholas Terpstra

thHIS243H1F Thurs Oct 20 2011Not terribly strong centralizing elements Issue of particularismElective emperorship managed to maintain itthBy the time you get to the 19 century broad area of Central Europe German culturenations struggle for supremacy between Hapsburgs around modern day AustriaNorthern Germany Separate empire from personal rulersholdings Person who comes into inheritance in fullest senseCharles V15191556Focusing on Charles dissolutiondevelopment of the empire after that Good deal of time in war various countries feel either encircled or threatened by charles etc Pope Italian citystate turks pope turks etcEveryone has reason to feel threatened by Charles VSpends his time in wars against one or the other or all of them etc Main thing to know people at the time thought that he was a threat so they responded to that threatPeople feared him so they continually allied against him Geopolitical reasonsvarious territories he threatens Frenchleading nation working against him but Ottomans and others as wellInternal problem of religion Understand that the reformation starts to get goingpolitical events around 1517 just before Charles becomes emperor Carry on into 1520s and 30sVarious states within HRE decide to get rid of the Catholic church and establish their own churches protestant
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