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Social Structures in Early Modern Europe

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University of Toronto St. George
Nicholas Terpstra

Euro History Lecture One thThursday September 15 2011 Social Structures In Early Modern Europe y Population and Settlement y What is it like to live in an early modern city y City walls most torn down in 19th cen often enclosed Cities y Roman cities were built on a grid patterny During middle ages Florence wasnt really that important y When Florence did bloom it did take off o Walls were first built in 1173 75 but in a small concentrated area most ppl living outside the city o Built larger walls in 12241233 making Florence a lot bigger o Had to accommodate to large growing population o Population of Florence grew so quickly however largely collapsed during the Black Death plague stayed at low population until thearly 18 cent even during its cultural peak during the Renaissance o Had 120000 before plague and 37000 after y Bologna example y Not all cities started out as Roman settlements example sity of Lovanvm in Belgiumyou can tell by the map it is not Roman bc it doesnt have a grid system y Examples of Florence Lovanivm and Bologna show that
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