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Lecture 2

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Nicholas Terpstra

Euro History Lecture Two thTuesday September 20 2011Contd from last lecturePatriotism to city is always present within these cities however it is not secular but quite religious ex God feels strongly about your city o This is exemplified by having many religious shrines statues churches etc all over the city o Ex City of Bologna has 6 religious shrines around the border of the citywhich are based on miracles and incidents in that area where the shrine is built o These miracle stories always seem to grow or exaggerate with timeThey become very important in these cities bc it shows that the city is religious and that can cares for the city and is present within itPatriotism is often about the whole city and coexists with the officerCity is consider is a holy place as a whole BUT it is also divided into neighborhoods of sixths or quarters and etc and you are loyal to your neighborhood o Cohesiondivision you are loyal to your city BUT more so to your own neighborhoodWithin most of these cities it is not divided into wealthy and poor areaso Rich are often spread outthey do this in order to control certain neighborhoods and would provide and hel
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