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Renaissance Politics

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Nicholas Terpstra

thThursday October 13 2011 Lecture 8 Renaissance Politics Contd Last LectureRepubliclots of people become apart of the political class can lead to a strong city but also one of division violence etcBefore they came into power Medici were not nobles they were merchant wealthy and cultured but still common people o Ppl thought Lorenzo was trying to act like a noble when he wasntLorenzo oMarries a Roman Noblewoman from the Orsini family instead of marrying a woman from within the city o Makes lavish villas and palace o Supports humanistic activitieso Holds many banquets and etc at his palace not very behind the scenes like his grandfather o No more scrutiny under Lorenzo o Puts himself off as a PrinceAll of this leads to the Pazzi conspiracy 1478Near the end of 1470s the Medici become isolated and this is one of the reasons the Pazzi conspiracy goes downAfter the conspiracy Lorenzo has no choice but to rule more as a dictatorThey dont know who is behind the conspiracy but they know the Arch bishop of Pisa is apart of it and decide to hang him in front of city hall o
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