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Reformation: Radical Simplification

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Nicholas Terpstra

History Lecture 13 rdThursday November 3 2011 Reformation Spirituality Radical Simplification Purity and ProtectionCharityacts to help other peopleIn the Catholic religion it was thought that if you helped a poor personperson in need you are helping Christ himselfPeople would give back via caring for prisoners the sick burial of the dead clothing the naked giving to the poor care for widows going on pilgrimagesProtection you would pray to God but he is too far and remote therefore you would pray to individual saints also would leave money and shrines devoted to these saints and they would pray for youVirgin Mary was one of the key saints to pray to bc who would Jesus listen to the mosthis mother o Very popular idea that you gain your protection under the cloak of mother MaryCatholic piety is really shaped from the desire for protection and purity Martin Luther 14831546Son of a successful minerGoes to Latin school university and goes to get a Law degreeThinks he is going to die in a storm and says to
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