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European Expansion Overseas Cont'd
European Expansion Overseas Cont'd

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University of Toronto St. George
Nicholas Terpstra

History Lecture 19 stThursday December 1 2011 European Expansion Overseas Cont 1 Maps literature worldviews 2 Portuguese in Africa Asia 3 Spanish in America 4 Europe in the World Travels of Sir Mandeville Peter John ToschanelliEveryone wants to get to Asia and they think that the way is to sail West and some think it is to sail SouthPortuguese take the southern route their society doesnt have large population and focused around seafaring and heavily influenced by the Italian city of Genoa and these people pushed the Portuguese forwardThey adapt some of the tools needed to sail high seas that others did have ships sails math and navigation tools compass Allowed much better ability to navigate into the areas they were going toth Work way down African coast by 15 centuryAs they go down the coast they cant just go right back up they have to head west to pick up windin this process they came across islands such as the canary island the assores etc and try to settle these islands initially for grain farmingThey werent really looking to settle these islands but looking for things such as gold BUT they also found other useful thingsslavesIn 144
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