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Lecture 4

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Nicholas Terpstra

Lecture 4September22111109 AMLife Cycle Majority of the Lecture revolves around the UPPER CLASSBirth Childhood AdolescenceaWomenMarriagebMaturityOld AgecBirth Childhood AdolescenceMost vulnerable period of an infant is the first few months in which 2030 of mortality rates within the first 3 yearsEg Florence Census 1472 CatastoService 42 men34 women ChildrenApprenticeship Skilled craft Baking tailor shoemaker etc Apprenticeship 610Journeyman 1520sMaster mid 20s Education Need to know basis skills driven ReadingWritingCommercial arithmeticLanguages depending on prospectsBecause its a need to know basis its similarly to tutoring Your future was decided at an early age and hence your education was targeted towards one of these 4 major studies depending on your future goalsBeyond skills training there was network building by having young adolescence living with other nobles to build that connection at an early ageNetworks FamilyKinBloodSocialSymbolic KinGuildsUnionsConfraternitiesGoes back to the middle ages and goes to the notions of the bonds that you build that bind people to you supporting each others lives At an age of where social welfare does not exist these kinship groups exist as a similar version of social welfare and insuranceMarriageUsually is a matter of parenta
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