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Lecture 6

Lecture 6

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University of Toronto St. George
Nicholas Terpstra

Lecture 6Important DatesSeptember29111110 AMImportant PeopleTodays TopicsCiceroRenaissance Humanism Studia Humanitatis DisciplinesVallaBraccioliniDe la CassaLecture Topic Universities in the Renaissance era was simply professional schoolsScholasticism Efforts by theologians to use classical learning to redefine theologyHumanista Disciplines of the study of humanismMoral Philosophy How to live1Active vs Passive contemplative lifeaActive in politicscivic society or the duty to developing themselvesiValues Virtue happiness wisdom justice compassion integrity discipline bloyalty Fairly conventional middle class morality but obviously did not think of themselves like that at that current point in timeChristianity and ClassicscHistory Philosophy was teaching by example2How would you teach itaBiographies key genre How to live However earlier forms of history were itaught by the Chronicle a record of events that had very little commentary Political and Military HistorybRoman historyiHuman historyiiKey distinction between Biographies vs ChroniclecChronicle is Gods History a notation of what has happenediBiographies of human history brings upon a new light of the importance of iiindividualsFortuna vs VirtuVirtu In Italian Vir Latin Root
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