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Renaissance Politics

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Nicholas Terpstra

HIS243 October 11Renaissance Politics 1 City StateRepublic to Duchy Florence 2 Transnational EmpiresHoly Roman Empire 3 Nation StateFrance towards Absolutismy Understanding politics through power dynamics relationships between classes y Interactions and dynamics dynasty territory religionCity State Florence y 3 stages 1 RepublicanCosimo de Medici 143464 2 OligarchyLorenzo de Medici 146992 3 DuchyDuke Cosimo I 153774 y Florence is an international city has trading links all around the Mediterraneanthy Rise to prominence comes in the 14 century before Florence all the prominent cities were coastal cities has trade outside y Milan and Rome continue to be very important but most others fail y They want access to sea ports and passes into Northern Europe thy Through the 14 century there are a series of wars local wars between neighbours and also wars between larger units ex Duchy of Milan tries to control northern Italy y All these wars are very expensive what happens in Florence is that it almost bankrupts itself does not have a standing army uses mercenaries most other places do this too y Geographically Florence is successful it is able to consolidate the area around the city y Trouble arises from the 1380s1390swar with Milan Florence does not have the revenue and so it goes into debt y Debt is often owned by their own c
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