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renaissance art

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Nicholas Terpstra

HIS243 Oct 611 Renaissance Art Painting Sculpture and Architecturey Painting naturalism linear perspective classicism chiaroscuro aerial perspective landscapeGold background holy collection of saints Taken place in heaven saints are witnesses Degree of spiritual comfort Were not interested in depicted a place at a certain time just importancePainting had to represent spiritual reality Cathedral of Venice civic and religious site brought Greek mosaic artists Religious images John the Baptist being born Modern day Florencedepict space in time Linear perspective Turn flat surface into threedimensional surface Here and now juxtapose Ghirlandiao Zacharias house How do they do that Perspective to a focal point All of these lines are going to a point in the distance Aerial perspective Things in the distance dont have clarity of colour The colour is in the foreground Scientific discussions on sightLast supper we are in continuity is whats going on heremake it look realistic Simple image of space disciples Other last supper taken place in the here in now wrong depiction of the last supper He retitled it dinner with varies people Christ
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