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HIS243 Nov 2211Dynasty trumps religion for Henry Elizabeth I lets James I to succeed Makes her choices what she sees on the ground The immediate threat from Catholics Spanish etc For the monarch the choice of religion is choice of alliance To go with protestant is to go with Netherlands and Germany The issues around reformation is Englands role in the world and internally runthth The Tudors worked through Parliament could be a source of strength Until 1819 century the house of Lords is where the power isth 17 century James and then Charles who are aiming to govern without consultation They believe these are two monarchs who are trying to copy French models Power is invested in the pope or shared German reformation the religion of the Prince is the religion of the territory Treaty of Augsburg 1555 The English followed this principle What happens if the nation and prince start to split Charles and parliament Tension over legal issues Spark charles attempts to impose a certain church organization in Scotland 1638 Scots revolt Charles needsfor revolt Resists
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