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spanish expansion

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Nicholas Terpstra

HIS243 Dec 0611Spanish expansionThere was a Spanish crown under the crown there was distinct kingdoms Various territories within Spain Reconquista gradual reconquering of the Iberia peninsula by Christian troops steadily pushing ththe Muslims troops out from the 8 century Granada Muslim territory falls in 1492 Setting up a lot of tensions for the next century Become Christian or be exiled for jews and muslimsth 15 and 16 century conquest and purification Shaped by patterns by the Reconquista Sets the template for Spanish expansion into the Caribbean Latin America and Mexico Conquistadors lower knightly nobility No one expects much from Columbus He has a delusional sense he discovered Asia and china In the course of his navigations travelled Cuba American coast Finds Arawake Caribs Maya Aztecs in central Mexico Incas modern day Peru relative cultivated areasSpanish try to work and control The Spanish govt arms length demands control but doesnt putinto it Begins through private enterprise The capital is raised in spain Partnership with royal licence A lot of capital in the Americas itself Means they are always on the move Some gold mines in Hispaniola Cuban resources that fund the movement to the central Americas area
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