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There are 3 estates 4 estate is the press st 1 estate is the clergy exempt from taxes 2 estate is nobility there is a breakdown between the olderyounger nobility there too are exempt from taxes So the people with the most $ and land paid no taxes 3 estate they payed the most taxes had the fewest land=everyone else Bourgeoises by $ (look up) Peasants Losing $ because of all the taxes thye have to pay to the kind, church and nobles Loius the 15 th Was a weak man He had once mistress who was good at running the court affairs He was not a very able administrator and he had problems with $ France did have the most $ producing colony Saint Domingue(Haiti) The propsal that Cologne brought forth was the land tax Nobles are very upset with the crown due to the financial crisis They thought that it was marry antonetteher husband that caused the financial crisis Cologne who was the finance minister started printing out his ideas and passing them around There were no set rules for convoking the states general All estates meet by themselves and they each had a vote (always was a 2 to 1) to they were always against the third estate The
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