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HIS 244: Civil War and Constitutionalism England

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David Stiles

Civil War and Constitutionalism in EnglandthWhat conditions led to civil war in England in the 17 centuryHow did the events of the war shape its eventual outcomeTwo major casual factors Changing nature of the middling experience in English societyLong term consequences of the English Reformation What was the changing nature ofmiddling experience in English society in the early th17 CenturyLandowners used the parliament to go against the King They believed in written law not in the words of the King absolutism There were only about 400 noble families in England Land owning commoners were simply nobles who expected to be treated by the commoners politely as they were a higher class however this was not occurring Commerce is starting to become more of a factor in England rather than just land owning Nobles lost their militaries and commoners were protecting the land Feudal obligations were becoming less and less popular as contract work became popular Nobles tend to act out arrogantly as the realized they were losing their respect amongst the commoners Ex Thomas Howard had a famous fit on a town mayor for not showing up to pay respectsSumptuary Laws regulate what kind of goods a commoner can buy to regulate
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