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HIS244 Louis XIV

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David Stiles

HIS244 Louis XIV and the Origins of the Absolute MonarchyWhat is Royal AbsolutismthHow did it evolve in France in the 17 centuryAbsolutismThe KingMonarch has supreme power over the KingdomState his word is final and law The King or Queen was bound however by law and traditionThomas Hobbes 15881679 was an early favourite of this theme to prevent early modern Europe for falling into chaos Only absolutism could a state be ruled by a monarch Hobbes clearly outlines this in his work the Social ContractJacquesBenigne Boussuet 16271704 There are four characters of qualities essential to royal authority First royal authority is sacred GOD second it is paternal third it is absolute fourth it is rule by reasonStrong nobility was counted on to ensure a system of royal absolutism worked Nobody was under the illusion that Kings could rule without the monarch Theory of AbsolutismHenry IV of France 15531610 was born in raised Protestant in a Catholic nation He was a tolerant King towards Protestants and he had to sooth an ongoing conflict between the two the Edict of Nantes giving the Huguenots real power in France He aimed to make France the most powerful State in all of Europe Unfortunately he died in 1610 murdered by Francois Ravaillac a Catholic Extremists Louis XIII of France 16011643 took the reign of France at the age of nine He was too young to rule so his mother Catherine Medici under her a
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