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A Tour of Absolutist Dynasties

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University of Toronto St. George
David Stiles

A Tour of Absolutist DynastiesEastern Europe was marked by dynastic conflict between the major crowns Austria Prussia Sweden Russia Turks etcth What strategies did absolutists use to centralize and consolidate their authority in the late 17thand early 18 centuriesWestern Europe is much more densely populated compared to Eastern EuropeEastern Europe was largely a rural society at this timeThe Ottoman EmpirethLasted a really long time mid 15 C to the end of WWI and varied greatly in size over this time They controlled almost the entire coast of Africa Mesopotamia Egypt the Red Sea and most of Ukraine and Southern EuropeThe state religion was Islam which introduced another level of threat to the Christian EuropeansThe Turks were originally from further East but successfully displaced the Byzantines in Constantinople IstanbulThe Sultans wielded both secular and religious authorityAll administrative systems were run by men in the Devshirme Christian boys from Europe who owed their power solely to the SultanThe Ottomans were experiencing dissent from the nobility and military but continued to expand until 1683In 1683 they laid seige to Vienna and a joint army of Austians and Poles held and pushed back the OttomansAustria succeeded in taking Hungary f
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