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The Dutch Republic and The Rise of Global Trade

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David Stiles

The Dutch Republic and The Rise of Global TradeHow did the Dutch Republic Come to bePhilip II managed to provoke the lose of the Dutch through a Dutch Revolt in the 1560sThe Revolt almost failed in its infancy but by 1588 and 1590 the outlook improved greatlyIt ceased to be a fractured state and became a viable confederacy with a stable governmentJohan van Oldenbarnevelt was the lands advocate of Holland the most important of the United ProvincesHe was essentially the PM of the UnionIn 1588 Elizabeth I removed her opposition to Oldenbarnevelt which allowed him to gain complete control and in 1590 the Spanish began to focus on the French instead of the DutchOver the next 20 years the Republic became a great powerThe first step was territorial expansion within EuropeBetween 1590 and 1604 the Dutch took back land from the Spanish fuelled by an improved economyThe military grew to over 50000 men in 1607 from 20000 at the startThere were also huge improvements in training and artilleryThe Spanish continued to try and dislodge them until the Peace of WestphaliaThe Union of Utrecht 1579 had envisioned a confederacy of states where decisions had to be made unanimouslyIn practice almost every decision had at least one dissenterThe scope of the federal government was supposed to be limited to defence tax
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