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Scientific Revolutions

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University of Toronto St. George
David Stiles

Scientific RevolutionsConstruction of new knowledge based on the rediscover of antiquityThey thought the Earth was at the centre of the universeWhy was astronomy the first questionMainly because it is observationIt does not require experiments or lots of equipmentNicolaus CopernicusBorn in Torun Poland in 1473 to a wealthy merchant familyHis father died when he was 10 so he was placed under the care of his uncle Lucas Watzenrodewho would go on to become a bishopIn 1495 he was elected to the post of canon which secured Copernicuss financial position for lifeHe was educated at a number of universities including that of KrakowHe studied medicine and had his doctorate in canon lawAt this time he was exposed to cosmological ideasHe was reacting against a cosmological vision that was accepted as fact by the main influential bodiesThis Ancient View of universe was first posited by Aristotle who said that the Earth was at the centre of the universePtolemy said that the universe consisted of concentric invisible spheres The Sun and moon existed in the first sphere and so onthThis view was accepted until the 16 century and appealed to both human pride and religious teachings from the time Medieval thinkers began to tal
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