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Enlightened Absolutism

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David Stiles

Enlightened AbsolutismHigh EnlightenmentThe zenith of the Enlightenment movement began roughly around 1750The Encyclopedia was the marquee project of this timeIt was put together largely by Denis Diderot and Jean le Rond dAlembertThey spent about 25 years working on this projectDiderot came from humble origins and had to do odd jobs to make ends meetThey aimed to overturn the barriers that reason never erectedThey were going to take Enlightened philosophy and show how it applied to any topicThey had great faith in their endeavour and were somewhat arrogant about this knowledgeThey thought people would forever be looking back at the Encyclopedia and seeing the supremacy of reasonThe Church and authorities attempted to censor it seeing it contained Enlightenment knowledge that they did not necessarily agree withDiderot was the guy who saw it through to the endThis was particularly popular with the middle classThe nobility could purchase it but the middle class purchased most of the copiesThe Salon was the centre of Enlightenment social lifeThe gatherings were often hosted by the wealthy women of the timeMadame MarieTherese Geoffrin was one of the most famous hostessesJulie de Lespinasse was anothe
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