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Lecture 2

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David Stiles

th17 Century European SocThe Great Chain of Being how the world was organized in reference to a hierarchal static arrangement representative of the entire universe mans place in it this period interrupts the great chain of being due to the scientific revolutionan ordered permanent arrangement of all things1 LIFE most people organize into clustered villages that were centred around the churchmanor villages composed of thousands of peoplestrangers invited suspicioneveryone knew each other people lived in one room houses very few material possessions tools to survivework the landFood grain bread poreage Paintings TEST QUESTIONS Louis le Nain the Cart himself and his brothers were painters People in paintings portrayed as rural portrays one room homesPeasants in the Tavernportrays people sitting on barrels in the tavern gives revrnece to leisure timeFamily Life living arrangementone room houses married couple kinship households lots of kidsera without birth controlpeasantseveryone worked in the fields MENmore heavy labour boys valued more than girls womenraised poultry Children often worked Not centre of the household 2 Demographic Declinethe little iceage period of unusually coldharsh winters made agriculture harder diseases also quite commonthspecific to the first half of the 17 centuryalmost constant waring
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