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Lecture 4

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David Stiles

Louis XIV What is Royal Absolutisma system of government in which all members of society owes obedienceallegiance to the King thHow did it evolve in France in the 17 centuryThomas Hobbes 15881679 State of Nature Commented on people of the civil War ONLY the absolute could prevent peoples life to be haughty brutish short protection necessary from the stateA FAN OF ABSOLUTISM KING bound by law and tradition in theoryresponsible to the ESTATEJacquesBenigne Bossuet 16271704 There are four characters of qualities essential to royal authority First royal authority is sacred second it is paternal third it is absolute fourth it is ruled by reason 1709ABSOLUTE MONARCHterm is a little misleading although there wasSEPARATION from the king and the nobilitythABSOLUTE DYNASTYprefigured absolute monarchy in the 16 century the theory of absoultuism slowly came into the programbut is wasnt concreate during the time of PHILLIP 2 HENRY IV of France 15531610 Reigned 15891610 he was born and raised Protestant when he took the throne of FRANCE he converted to Catholicm which would come back to bite him as KING of France he was tolerant towards protestants he had to soothe the situation in France between the CATHOLICS AND PROTESTANTS EDICT OF NANTEtoleration between protestant to catholiscmhaving solved the Protestant problemhe cultibated the image of a culture warrior king GREW A faithful body of lawyers around him filled with merchants etc nobility of the ROBE as opposed to nobility of the SWORDex not through military powerbut through their position as lawyers etc ECONOMIC RECONSTRUCTIONINFRASTRUCTURE imporvmentnew roadsbridges etc relaxes trade barriers within FRANCE and other countires this was all a great successhis measures pleased his subjectsFIRST BOURBON monarch in franceFRANCOIS RAVAILLAC 1610the death of HENRY IV FRANCOIS KILLED HENRY because he wanted Henry to convert HUGENOTSthe Protestant Frenchto catholismHENRY DIDNT WANT TO MEET
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