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Lecture 5

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David Stiles

A Tour of Absolutist Dynasties January 24 2012What common features can we find across different absolutist governments EASTERN EUROPEOttoman Empire thWhat strategies did Absolutists use to centralize and consolidate their authority in the late 17 centuries thand early 18 centuriesthPopulation Density of Europe in the early 17 century mostly rural populationsThe Ottoman Empire thmid 15 century up to world war 1 allied to Germany in this conflict varied in size controlled much of south eastern EuropeUkraineEgypt and the territories surrounding the redsea also distinct from other absolutist dynastiesin that THIS WAS AN ISLAM state ththin the 14 and 15 centurythe turks from the far east had moved into the Roman empiremoved into Constantinoplerenamed it ISTANBULOttoman Empire this is a case where religion is a tool of the taste administrative military systems in the ottoman empirerecruited in a system called DEVSHIRME which was the capture of Christian boystrained men in ISLAMcreated a body that owed their loyalty to the crown continuing their expansionist efforts they moved into VIENNA IN 1683a joint army of Austrians and POLESresisted and compelled the OttomansAustrians and POLEStook away Hungary from the Ottoman empire Ottomanscould no longer expand their territoryproblems stated to arise for the OTTOMAN empirelasted until WW1a MAJOR FACTOR in EURO politics right up to that timeLEOPOLD 1Archduke of Austria 16401705 The Eastern Part of the Habsburg Dynasty Reigned in 16571705 THERE WAS A VARIED political cultural amongst the Austriansas well as religious culture Leopoldput his intentions within developing his own territoriesallying himself with the Catholic ChurchALONG side of the POPEthe Popes influence helped him govern his territory GRANTING NOBLES RIGHTS TO EXPLOIT THEIR lands and the peasents on thentrying to centralize powerFredrick William the Great Elector of Brandenburg and the Duke of Prussia 16201688 Reigned in 16401688 Prussialittle chunks of territory here and there the most affected areas in the 30 years war was in Brandens Prussia Nobilityvery independently mindedTHEY EVADED THEIR TAXES URBAN CENTRES also problematicthey protected their own political and cultural influence FREDRICK WILLIAMdecided there needed to be a strong army for added prestige NEW TERRITORIES at the peace of WESTPHALIAA DIRECT RESULT in increasing the SIZE of his armyhe went about centralizing the government of his territorial holdings centralizing more power in the CROWN
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