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Lecture 7

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David Stiles

January 31 2012 Lecture 7The Glorious Revolution and the Making of Great Britain James IIGlorious Revolutionthe replacement of one monarchJames 2with a pair William and Mary What did this mean for England and Europe Charles 2 Good times gone badEngland had rid itself of Puritans in the government England ridded its monarch because nothing was resolved by the civil warno clear agreement on what English society and polity should look like at the end of the civil war THE Civil war increased an appetite for absolutismThomas HOBBESposter boy for this type of thinkingthat ONLY AN ABSOLUTE monarchy could save people from this short life Hobbesmade a small mistakeforgot to account for what wouldhappen if the absolute monarchy was a group of absolute leaders people forgot about these concerns when CHARLES 2 took the throne a haze of drunkenness Samuel Pepys 16331703 Naval AdministratorMember of Parliament Diarist Sexual Adventurer Pepys had a stall Puritan upbringing he got married during the civil war in 1655 during the Cromwell dictatorshipa 15 year old named Elizabeth a French girl he was a relentless womanizer he recorded details of all his sexual encounters he loved going to the theatre drinking ale all this was quite ineffectivean explosion of all this behaviour Pepys how he flourishedhe was advanced during his career standing during the AngloDutch warand the reorganization of the British Navy country suffered a major plague where many people died the great fireLondon 1666 huge event in the history of Londonmany people lost everything in this firenot as happy as people hoped they would behe had to deal with continued criticism
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