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Lecture 8

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David Stiles

The Dutch Republic and the Rise of Global TradethDutchfeared by Louis the 14this country was the Dutch RepublicHow did the Dutch Republic come to be What did it contribute in a larger sense to the world around itPhilip the secondstirred up the demise of the Dutch Revoltdesire and determination to oust the Spanish 15881590theo outlook forthe Dutch improvsed greatlyseemed to be a divided state became a viable confederacy From Revolt to Republic Union of Utrecht 1579 States General Merchant Oligopolytook up officei n 1586 in 1588Elizabeth the 1 who had been opposed to1590Philip 2 of Spain moved attention away from the Dutch Dutch was organized enough and had enough breathing roomDutch RepublicDutch Revolt15801588Spanish hadBIT OF RESURGENCE took back territorybetween 15901604 the dutch took that territory backall that expansion was fueled by a change in the economyby 1607over 50000 men in the dutch military HUGE INCREASE huge improvement in artillerythis improvaments made the dutch republic secure up to the peace of Westphaliawhen thr Republic was defiend as a countryNEW INNOVASIONS OF POLITICAL organization an envision of confederacy of statesa unanimous agreement amongst the statesUnanimous agreement that William of Orange should become the KINGANOTHER ISSUESCOPE OF GOVERMENTorginally hey were onbly1 defence 2 taxation of defence 3 foreign policy how the government related to outside countriesother issues commercial church affairs colonial affairs the government took ok a lot more jurisdiction then was supposed to be applied STATES GENERAL MERCHANT OLIGOPOLYmerchant class that set the tone and had a lot of power in the Dutch Republikc
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