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Lecture 12

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David Stiles

France and Britain1713Peace of Utretcht British acquire amongst things formal possession of Acadia and asiento contract to supply Spains South American colonies with goods and slaves 1715 Geoge 1 Elector of Hanover takes the British throne James France Edward Stuart the son of James III remains alive in exile in the focus for Jacobite plotting against the Hanoverian monarch Louis XIV dies 1716AngloFrench Alliance signed by George and Phillipe Regent of France and Duc DOrleans Suspends French support of the Jacobite cause until 1731 1731Britih ally with Austria instead committing them to support Maria Theresa claims to the throne 1739War of Jenkins Ear breaks out between Britain and Spain over the asiento Britishwould import troops desperate for manpower th18 century British state is an enemy of Catholicism and Absolutism of France Britishabout the spirit of freeenterprisetrade thththe British during the 1718 century want small easily defensible possessionssmall islands BarbadosJamaicasome west African slave ports and some stations on south ports of India British didnt want a lot of land because it was expensive to defend and expensive to administer British empirestarted with the expansion of traders and se
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