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Lecture 6

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University of Toronto St. George
David Stiles

Civil War and Constitutionalism in England thWhat conditions led to civil war in England in the 17 centuryHow did the events of the war shape its eventual outcomeUnderstanding the English Civil War Two major causal factors 1 Changing nature of the middling experience in English societyin France the nobility tried to resist absolute monarchies in Englandthey were already accustomed to this type of governmentParliament into constitutionalism king was notthings in English society during the 16 centurythe period in which continental Europe and Francethere were only 400 noble families in England expected commoners to show upcome up they expected respect and passively gain downwardtake of their hates even the GENTRY were expected to behave in this mannersimply because they were nobles one Protestant sect the Quakers made a religious policyrefused to take off their hats the shifting power of wealth in NOBILITYreceived sums from lands they ownedHOWEVERcommoners and business income of the merchants became more of a factor in Englandmore independent craftsmanmuch more of the labour was freea lesser percentage of the populationcommoners had more control over their destiny able to make more determination for themselves
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