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18th Century States and Wars

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Nicholas Terpstra

HIS244 Eighteenth Century States and Wars Thursday February 17 th 2011 Parts on the reform movements of the 1760s will not be on the test The parts on the partitions of Poland will be fair game Lecture outline The succession in the British Isles England to Great Britain Wars and the balance of power Partitions of Poland The wars of the end of the 1c th7entury were about checking balance of power, trade disputes, etc. The ability to finance wars was at the heart of British success Constant theme of the 18 thcentury is the rivalry between France and Britain (both colonially and continentally) After the Glorious Revolution William III and Mary II accept the Bill of Rights William actually wanted more power than the British crown traditionally enjoyed, but William was more focused on wars Because he needed money to pay for the wars, Parliament will sit every year (because it held the purse strings) Parliament deliberately underfunded William What will change: instead of war being in the sole province of the kingqueen, it will gain guaranteed funding for the first time in British history William and Mary come to power with echoes of the Glorious Revolution (problems in North America, Ireland, and Scotland) Mary dies in 1694 and there is a problem: William, Dutch, is ruling England solely The Succession in the 3 Kingdoms William has problems in Ireland
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