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Alison Smith

th HIS250Y1- March 12 2014 Vast numbers of civilians, Jews and military personnel die. A lot of Nazi soldiers met their fate as well. Eastern front is the front of mass death. 1939 there is the Non-Aggression Pact. A few weeks after that Pact is signed, Hitler invades Poland from three fronts. A few weeks later- Soviets invade to ensure the border set in the Pact is respected. Soviets moved into the Baltic states (Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia). Late summer and fall of 1940 is the Battle of Britain (Operation Sea Lion)- failed. Soviet Union attempts to move into Finland but that doesn’t go so well. This is the Winter War of annexation. It failed. Soviets move to increase industrial productivity and expect a massive war. nd There is a MASSIVE invasion of the Soviet Union on June 22 1941. Nazi troops were already massed along the border. 3400 tanks, 5k aircraft, 5.5 million troops, and a shitload of artillery. Stalin apparently trusted Hitler not to go back on their pact. He was warned by several Western allies that attack was likely- he didn’t prepare. This came as a real shock. That day more than 1k Soviet aircraft were destroyed (on the ground). Huge disaster! There are efforts to ally with the US. There is no formal alliance with Western powers until Summer 1942 after Pearl Harbour (Russia was hoping to reach out to the US). There was a massive retreat from the onslaught until December the 5 . Three prong approach, Leningrad, Central and Ukraine. Soviet forces are able to fight off the Nazi troops at Moscow. This was a national effort- they are trying to unite the people under the threat. There is a big effort to push back in early 1942- this is costly however. Short lived strategy. Stalin gets stabilization at a great cost. The Battle of Stalingrad was most famed. It was city, worm holing guerilla warfare. Battle of Kursk takes place in summer 1943. Biggest tank battle in history. 270
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