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Russian history Jan 20

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Alison Smith

● Period of success ends with alexanders death ● Forms where still not enough and not as successful ● One suggestion is the reforms where undertaken in isolation and not fitting into a larger scheme ● Different ministries have different attitudes of what town life should be, some comprimises are made ● Weird combination of top down ● Peasants arent totally happy about their emancipation ● Nobles didnt get as much money as they thought from it ● Ekaterina dolgorukova (1847-1922) ● in the mid 1860s alexander became infatuated with this woman ● They had a second family together, she was placed in a palace, had many children ● This was well known ● His first wife died in 1880 then he married ekaterina ● Rumors that alexander wanted to name her empress ● She came from noble family despite being poverished when this occured ● Issue of the court Major figure of alexanders reign was count m.t. Loris-melikov Introduces new reforms at the end of his reign ● many attempts at alexanders life ● Described almost as a dictor in a romantic sense ● A bomb was thrown at a palace and he was moved into the head position of the supreme executive council ● Specififically targeted at civil unrest ● Only lasts through august of that same year (from feb) ● Ministry of internal affairs ● On one hand- they strive to increase the power of the state ● Very strong anti revolutionary stand - arrests of propogandists etc ● Abolish salt tax to ease the lives of people in russia especially the poor ● Discussion of doing something stronger than that- alexander was willing to allow the idea of a constitution ● Other hand keep the reforming spirit alive ● Alexander is assassinated end result is we get a new tsar who is an interesting figure Alexandr and nikolai Nikolai was supposed to be ther heir ● Had been trained for this position ● He dies unexpectedly in 1865 ● Aleksandr was not as adorded ● He was heart broken about his brothers death and not as prepared for the role ● He ends up marrying mariia fedorovna - danish princess and had been engaged to his older brother ● His family doesnt entirely fit into the mold of the autocrat ● Despite that, aleksandr himself believed strongly in the power of the autocrat Konstantin pebedonostev (1837-1907) ● Aleks tutor and had a strong influence on him even after his tutoring ● He was a strange figure in a larger world view ● He had slavophile tendencies but also believed in the petrine service state ● Reason: because it gave the autocrat the tools to be an autocrat ● 1880-1905 head of the holy synod ●
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