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Jan 8th 2013 - First lec back from the Break

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Steve Penfold

th Jan 8 2013 HIS263Y Wilfred Laurier and Canadian Politics I. Louis Riel Revisited  Hanged for his role in NW rebellion  Martyr vs. father of Manitoba- in 1993 the martyr statue was replaced by the respectable statue stating him as the father of Manitoba instead of a tortured soul  there are diff ways we think of Riel  revolutionary hero  conflict over historical memory  how should we understand his place in Canada?- the English and the French see riel very differently  in French Canada, there were massive demonstrations protesting what had happened to Riel. In English Canada, they saw him as a murder and against the gov.  3 key dynamics of the age 1. The fundamental cleavage/division of French and English Canada. 2. How local issues become national ones, the provinces all have a stake in each other’s issues. 3. The way cultural issues become political issues. Catholicism and Protestantism II. Growing Divisions  Manitoba schools question- and the status of separate catholic schools- the gov. eliminated public funding for bilingual and separate schools in the province.  They banned bilingualism in courts etc…  The 2 religious systems were sensible. The Manitoba province was split b/w the Metis and English  It represented demographic reality and political compromise  The cultural recognition recognised politics and reality  The pop of Manitoba of Catholics went down to 10%- what happened?  Immigration happened. Good land in Ontario was filling up and much of the English pop went to Manitoba and it became a little colony of Ontario  But very few French Catholics go to the NW.  This shifts the demographic balance of Manitoba  Most common form of Canadian migration is within Canada, or the migration to the U.S. so internal migration and out- migration  Thus, catholic pop is not so politically powerful, so Manitoba makes the law of banning the funding the separate schools- this becomes national bc education is a national issue.  So
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