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Jan 10th 2013- Second Lec back from the Break

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Steve Penfold

th Jan 10 2013 HIS263Y Canada and the British Empire in the age of Laurier I. Institutions The limits of confederation  Confederation did not make Canada independent but created the dominion of Canada and the colonies got internal self gov. within the British empire  This redefined the relationship b/w the colonies  The gov. gen was the queens rep. he was allowed to reserve or disallow legislation  3 basic features of external relations: declare war and peace, treaties, …  Canada had control of none of these. They were handled by Britain  Treaty making power were also held by Britain  Were not legal until British gov. signed them  Canada couldn’t declare war  It was internally self- governing  Responsible gov. was the key turning point Theory vs. practice  In practice, things were really complex,  Ex- the gov. gen disallowed laws, but was uncommon to exercise- didn’t do it often  Sending troops to war – Canada had the financial decision making, thus it has the ability to decide not to go to war with Britain.  There were practical ways of getting Canada’s input on treaties  Ex- the Alaska boundary dispute (1903-6)  So the U.S and Britain decided to make a decision and Canada got in on it. But the British voted for the U.S. they betrayed Canada. Even though Canada wasn’t influential, but in practice, their role of distinction was exercised Ambiguity  Canada’s place in the empire- Anglos were deeply.  It’s a living breeding dynamic living in terms of their imperial connection  An imperial history of Canada  George grant says Britain is the light, “ you can’t be Canadian without being British first”  There is a very racial view portrayed.  They don’t want to be an independent Canada. They want to be imperialist without being colonial.  They( Stephan Leacock, R. B Bennet,…) have a sense that the empire will be a vessel for Canadian greatness  They think that Canada is vulnerable and weak without Britain  They thought that Canada would become a key player in the British empire  Imperial federation league- autonomy. When they talked they always talked about how much autonomy should Canada have in the empire
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