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University of Toronto St. George
Heidi Bohaker

Lec 9 – Aftermath of Conquest 08/10/2013 10:07:00 AM Prologue: forging Canada through war 1) seven years war 1756-1763 (often called French and Indian war in the north  peace of Paris 1763 2) American revolution/American war of independence (1776-1783) the first civil war  peace if Paris 1783 3) war of 1812 (1812-1814) between Britain and USA  treaty of Ghent, 1815 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4) Sixty years war for great lakes (1754-1814)  recognition of aboriginal rights and first nations treaty rights comes out of this period  Britain is also in debt out of this time Treaty of Paris of 1763  Britain now has gotten much of eastern Canada  As soon as word reaches north America that the French have pulled out there was a major resistance from the aboriginals and led to the Pontiacs war  This was the most successful resistance  The aboriginals capture al but two English forts  The impact of this was immediate, word reaches sir William Johnson (British colonial leader) his job to maintain relationships with Indians in north America and relations with the first nations  So when word reaches, Britain is deeply concerned of the uprising  It shows what non state societies could do (aboriginals were a system of alliances not a state)  British realized they need to make peace  Most of the forts were left however by then end of October  This is because most aboriginals went out and hunted for their families  Impact in the indication for Britain is clear  Amherst said why don’t we use smallpox as a way to get rid of them  Amherst is writing back to the lord
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