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Heidi Bohaker

Lec 8 – The Seven Years War 03/10/2013 10:01:00 AM Turbulent period from 1754-1815  War was a constant feature of life  Three distinct periods of war in this time  How did war shape Canada and US?  Wars are crucial, the outcomes have shaped the country we live in today, out political institutions  1756 – 1763 = seven years war  this war was the world first global war  French Indian war is referring to a part of the seven years war and it includes two earlier years  1763 peace that doesn’t long this long  American revolution from 1776 – 1783  Third conflict = war of 1812 from 1812- end of 1814  Seven years war is not just in American colonies, also fought in the Caribbean, Europe Britain:  Pop 6 million  American Colonies 1 million  Army 1:10 French  Navy 130 ships, 3 ships for every 1 French ship  Reg troops in colony 27000 France  French Pop 22 million  New France 55 000  Navy 57 ships on the line  Army: 10 French for one British  Regular troops in colony 6700 Initial French success  Early defeats of the English, 1755 o British seemed to be disorganized in prior battle times o French had many tactics, attacking at night in small groups  Governor vaudreuil’. Plan of attack o Governor of new France at the time o He was the military commander o His plan was to used this indigenous way of war what Europeans called sulking way of war and it worked very effectively  Conflict with Montcalm o By 1756 there’s a new wrinkle in the plan that is going to pamper new France’s ability to fight conflict o French set over very experienced military commanders, and is now in charge o He takes back many POW’s o bit of logic problem, new France had crop problem that year and it was hard to take care of those people o Montcalm was his name? o Montcalm favoured a defensive strategy o by 1756 England and France are officially at war  Siege of fort William henry, 1757 o French seized the fort form the English o French destroyed the fort o Montcalm offers full honours  Have to promise you wont fight the French for 18 months and you can keep your personal stuff o British general Amherst is so upset when he hears about this that when Britain is successful in the war they want nothing to o with the first nations o Aboriginal allies get very upset and this is a tipping point The Tide Turns (in favour of British)  William pit and diverging forces
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