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Lecture 7 (Oct. 1) The First Three Anglo-French Wars 1969 sparked the first major altercation between European powers in which the First Nations tribes played important roles. There were four major wars, the first three were mainly conflicts conducted by colonists employing their own military methods with no support from the motherland: - War of the League of Augsburg (1689-1697) - War of the Spanish Succession (1702-1713) - War of the Austrian Succession (1744-1748) Much of these battles took place in the backcountry and involved the First Nations who joined the battles for reasons of their own. The strategy for the French was to send out raiding parties on land and sea to keep the British colonies disunited and off balance. In the first two wars the British unsuccessfully tried to invade the St. Lawrence colonies. In the third war they naval forces captured Louisbourg in 1745 and Old France set a naval military in retaliation. Unfortunately due to bad weather and disease the ships went back without ever engaging the enemy. In 1713, the French were forced to give up Acadia and its claims to Newfoundland. It wasn’t until the 1750’s when the British really started taking the New World seriously. Acadia and Nova Scotia Acadia, and especially Port-Royal were often attacked by New Englanders and had often transferred ownership between France and England after many invasions and treaties that would return the land back to the French. By 1710 the population of Acadia had grown to 1,500 from 500 in 1660. Culturally and socially the Acadians remained isolated from French Canada. The French never really asserted tight governmental cont
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