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Lecture 11

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Lecture 11 – The War of 1812 Between 1790 and 1815 immigration to British America came mainly from the British isles and the United States. Prosperity in Newfoundland and New Brunswick between 1812-1815 drew many Irish to these colonies, most of whom were Protestant because they came from Northern Ireland. In most provinces, early political opposition was sporadic and usually conducted within the ranks of the elite according to well-defined rules. Only in P.E.I. did anything resembling political parties develop before the war of 1812. With the French revolution happening, the ideas and controversies made their way to Canada. The English party in the assembly and the “Chateau Clique” continued to fear an imminent French invasion, one that would be warmly supported by Canadians. British tyranny and the British elite were what sparked the rebellion. The War of 1812 After some years of worsening relations, the Americans declared war on Great Britain on June th 18 , 1812. Several factors contributed to the war: - Britain’s high-handedness in searching American ships - They would remove British subjects and recruit them to the navy to help fight against Napoleon - The British failed to abandon the Ohio Valley where they continued to monitor the fur trade from military posts - The Americans coveted Canada and proceeded to invade again in 1812 and 1813 A handful of American settlers living in Upper Canada were arrested and tried for
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